Building capacity and capability in the Australian Nut Industry

In 2017, ANIC successfully secured funding from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources through their Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

The fund’s objective is to support national agricultural industry organisations to develop leadership capability within agricultural industry representative bodies. It aims to build farm leaders’ skills so they can better represent their agricultural industry.

The Australian tree nut industry is currently experiencing its biggest expansion since the 2000s. Continued market development and export expansion will depend on the leadership abilities of industry individuals and the capacity of industry bodies.

Two project activities were facilitated through this funding – the development of a strategic framework to guide the industry to 2030 and a leadership training program.

The leadership training program engaged more than 40 participants, representative  of  the seven tree nut sectors. Tailored to the industry’s unique needs, the program focuses on driving business results by improving individual and collective leadership. The training program was delivered to two cohorts, based on participants’ prior leadership experience.

Growing for Success

In conjunction with the seven individual tree nut sectors, ANIC publishes Growing for Success every two years. This resource captures key industry information about each of the seven nut sectors, as well as whole-of-industry data, trade and export forecasts and an understanding of the current threats and opportunities facing the Australian nut value chain.

View the 2019 edition here, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to find out when the 2021 edition is released.

Our Memberships

Collaboration with other stakeholders in the nut sector and the wider agriculture industry is a key part of our strategy. With this in mind, we are proud to be members of the National Farmers Federation via the Horticulture Council, and INC – the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council.