Unifying, Strengthening and Supporting
the Australian Nut Industry

About ANIC

Formed in 1988, the Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC) is the federation of  the seven tree nut growing industries. The members of ANIC are  the Almond Board of Australia, Chestnuts Australia Inc, Hazelnuts Growers of Australia Inc, Australian Macadamia Society, Australian Pecan Association, Australian Walnut Industry Association  and Pistachios Growers’ Association Inc.


As the overarching federation, ANIC aims to strengthen and unify the nut industry and promote the production, marketing and consumption of nuts domestically and internationally. 

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The 2022 Australian Nut Conference will be held from the 23rd – 25th March.

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“To unify, strengthen and support the production, marketing and consumption of nuts in Australia and internationally.”

– ANIC Core Purpose, taken from ANIC’s Strategic Blueprint.

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Industry Facts - Australian Tree Nuts


member associations


hectares of tree nut plantings


tonnes of nuts grown


Billion farm-gate value


tonnes total exports


MILLION total export revenues